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What does Subliminal Audio actually DO for me?

Subliminal Audio programs are very effective in making behavioral changes. They work by passing the conscious filter and going directly to the subconscious. The messages are hidden from the conscious mind by placing them in the music.

Subliminal Audio CDs can help you:
  • be more successful
  • enahance your relationships
  • break habits
  • enhance learning
  • lose weight
  • set boundries/limits
  • be more confident
  • gain self respect
  • eliminate stress
  • sleep better
  • quit smoking
  • and so much more!

For Everyone

Accelerated Learning

  • "I learn easily"
  • "My mind is open"
  • "I am intelligent"


  • "I'm aware of my thoughts"
  • "I can change my self talk"
  • "I am strong"

Becoming Wealth-conscious

  • "I now attract wealth"
  • "I deserve wealth"
  • "I accept wealth"

Breaking Old Habits

  • "I reject bad habits"
  • "I am moving forward"
  • "I value my body"

Creating Outer Beauty From Within

  • "My skin is blemish free"
  • "My skin is beautiful"
  • "My skin is healthy and strong"

Developing Self Respect

  • "I respect myself"
  • "I have respect for others"
  • "I am respectful in all ways"

Eliminate Stress

  • "I am stress free"
  • "I avoid stressful situations"
  • "Stress slides off of me"


  • "I expect great health"
  • "I expect financial abundance"
  • "I expect great relationships"

Extreme Self Confidence

  • "I exude confidence"
  • "I can do anything I set my mind on"
  • "I am a winner"

No More Insomnia *

  • "I am very relaxed"
  • "I sleep deeply and peacefully"
  • "My body is very relaxed"

Raising Deserve Level

  • "I deserve the best life has to offer"
  • "I deserve great success"
  • "I am a great person"


  • "I love my partner"
  • "We are soul mates"
  • "I give my love to my partner"

Setting Boundaries

  • "I have boundaries"
  • "I set limits"
  • "I respect myself"

Smoking Cessation

  • "Cigarette smoke burns my throat"
  • "I choose to breathe clean air"
  • "Tobacco smoke stinks"

Successful Living

  • "I succeed in all I do"
  • "I attract abundance"
  • "I live and breathe success"

Weight Management

  • "I only eat when I am hungry"
  • "My body burns fat"
  • "I drink a lot of water"

For Select Groups

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Director Now

  • "I'm a born leader"
  • "My consultants respect me"
  • "I'm a great Director"

Pink Cadillac

  • "I love my new Cadillac"
  • "I am moving forward"
  • "I enjoy being me"

Red Car

  • "I earned my car"
  • "I work smart"
  • "I am proud of myself"

Red Jacket

  • "I love my red jacket"
  • "I deserve my red jacket"
  • "I deserve my success"

* Do not listen to while driving.

More About Subliminal Audio

The Submliminal Audio CDs are stated both forward and in reverse for example, "You are terrific" "Terrific are you". We have also added a permissive track, "it's okay to be terrific".

Voices are both male and female as some are more receptive to male voices and some are more receptive to female voices. The reverse track engages in right hemisphere of the brain which turns the words around making the program a whole brain experience.

Enjoy the journey as they can be played while exercising, driving, sleeping, or while watching a movie. They just have to be heard.

All subliminals come with an enclosed script card so you will know exactly what the message is.

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